Choice Mosaic and Glass Pool Tiles in Australia

Choice Mosaic and Glass Pool Tiles in Australia

Glass mosaic pool tiles are a fantastic choice when it comes to swimming pools and spas. Also, it is becoming increasingly popular to decorate the entire pool area and consider safety while we do. 

Therefore, the essential features that make up the pool area need both durability and aesthetic properties. While there is a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, the glass mosaic pool tiles overtake ceramics any day.

For example, the glass mosaic pool tiles come in transparent forms, gold, marbled, and pearl effects. Meanwhile, these items generally come in shades of blue to add a reflective product to the surface. 

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Moreover, many homeowners enjoy the blue water, and the pool tiles also need matching colors

The Glass Pool Tiles add Brightness and Shimmer effects to your Pool 

When selecting glass pool tiles, you need to consider the size that works best for you. For instance, the standard size of a single tile ranges from 5/8 inches to 2 inches with various combinable shapes. 

The designers may sometimes add some shades of related colors to create a gradient and mount them on 12 x 12 sheets. In all, you can be confident that this combination of glass pool tiles is applicable on many occasions. 

Using Glass Tiles for your Pool and Spa

Due to the reflective power of a glass surface, glass pool tiles reflect more light underwater and further beautify the Pool. In addition, you may decide to use the glass pool tiles for only parts.

For example, you may only use them for water lines and backsplashes, rather than the entire floor of the Pool. But then, you can also use it for the whole of the bottom of the Pool only. 

The latter creates the most significant effect of light reflection and brightness from the Pool or spa. However, you may first have to discuss your idea with the designer to have his opinion. 

Why Use Mosaic or Glass Pool Tiles?

There is no doubt whatsoever about the long history of the mosaic tiles for pools. Moreover, we have all seen how much beauty the mosaic can add to grand buildings and huge hallways. 

Let us consider some of the outstanding advantages of using mosaic glass pool tiles

A wide range of choices

Today, there is so much to say about applying mosaic tiles to pools to create stunning designs. Perhaps the most crucial advantage of choosing mosaic glass tile is that it offers a wide range of choices. 

Eventually, you get to choose the best one that satisfies the interest of the homeowner and the decorator at the same time. 

Large central design

In addition, mosaic pool tiles allow you to create a large central design inside your Pool. Some of the stunning designs and patterns that people have used include stingrays, crab, koi fish, and other artistic mosaic work. 

Creating Individual Designs

Another essential advantage of mosaic pool tiles is the allowance of individual designs. Perhaps you can customize mosaic glass pool tiles if you have an image in your imagination or a favorite picture. Such expressions can enhance the elegance of the Pool. 

Spanish Mosaic Tiles Designed for Swimming Pools by Armstone

Easy to maintain

The glass mosaic pool tiles are also easy to clean and maintain because they can withstand extreme temperatures. In other words, you can be confident of their durability during hot and cold weather temperatures. Besides, it takes only a little effort to restore its appearance. 

Mixing with other tile types

Home interior experts can mix glass mosaic tiles with other types such as porcelain and ceramic options. The final output of this mix is also gaining more popularity for use in swimming pools, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Moreover, designers can integrate this combination into a large area such as the swimming pool floor to reflect light. In addition, this design can converge the focal point of the Pool you may want to emphasize. 

Durability and longevity

When using glass mosaic pool tiles, you can also be confident that they will maintain their quality over time. In other words, they are unlikely to retain a stain for a long time in a way that alters the appearance. Moreover, they are also non-porous, which makes them a perfect choice of pool tiles. 

What about other materials for Pool tiles?

Apart from the glass pool tiles, some other materials and designs work for pool designs. For instance, the choice of tiles may depend on the method you have in mind to create. 

Therefore, many factors come into play when choosing pool tiles for the floor or wall. Besides, pool designers now use different design materials for the waterline in the Pool for several reasons. 

Porcelain Pool Tiles

You can also adopt porcelain materials for your pool tiles because they are often stronger than ceramics. This superior strength can make the porcelain a perfect choice that suits all climatic conditions. 

Moreover, porcelain is easy to clean, install and is often expected when installing pool tiles. However, the smaller scale porcelain tiles are more ideal for designs than larger formats. But the general rule is to constantly consider the area of use before finalizing the material to use. 

Natural store 

Depending on the Pool you want to make, you can also choose natural stones as foundation materials. Some of the standard options in this category are bluestone, granite, limestone, and slate. While you can consider them a credible alternative, they bring an upgrade to pricing. 

Meanwhile, the major discredit for natural stones is that they require not a small effort to clean them. While you can keep an organic look inside your Pool, you may not be able to maintain its quality for a long time. Moreover, natural materials may also degrade by natural means over time. 

Blue Small Mosaic Tiles Swimming


Hopefully, the description of mosaic glass pool tiles and their comparison with other materials makes your choice easier. Apart from the diversity that you have among tiles, you can even recreate the pool environment with a combination of one or two options. Apart from the materials in use and colors, the size of the pool tiles is another crucial factor to consider. Click here to read about Factors to consider when choosing discounted pool tile.